Top Ten Extreme Sports

Extreme sports have a craze all over the world.  Here is a detailed analysis on the basis of the Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Association International’s report. Following is the current Super study of Sports Participation.


1. Inline skating 19.2 million

2. Skateboarding 11 million

3. Paintball 9.8 million

4. Artificial Wall climbing 8.6 million

5. Snowboarding 7.8 million

6. Mountain biking 6.9 million

7. Trail running 6.1 million

8. BMX bicycling 3.3 million

9. Wake boarding 3.3 million

10. Roller Hockey 2.7 million

Following are some additional facts on the 12 most popular extreme sports:

o Inline skating:  Out of total population of inline skating, 51 percent are female. However, 58 percent of all regular (25-plus days/year) inline skaters are male.

o Skateboarding:  The average number of days of participation is 44.

o Paintball:  Overall participation in paintball and U.S. sales has grown up each year since 1998.

o Artificial Wall Climbing:  The average age was found to be only 19.9 years in this game.

o Snowboarding:  Sales figures are incredible now. Snowboard equipment sale in 2003 was $141 million.

o Mountain Biking:  Almost 70 percent of mountain bikers are guys.

o Trail Running:  Since 1990, on the whole participation has increased 17.3 percent in trail running. It became 6.1 million in 2003.

o BMX Bicycling:  The average age of a BMX cyclist is 26.

o Wakeboarding:  The average annual income of a wake boarder is $73,400.

o Roller Hockey:  Out of the 2.7 million roller hockey participants, 33 percent of them play the sport on a “regular” (25-plus days/year) basis.

As is said, fear is in the brain! If a person overcomes it, extreme sports are a thrilling experience. If this fear persists in the brain, extreme sports seem to be no less than a suicidal act. Fight the fear!

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