Top 5 Extreme Sports

Bungee JumpingExtreme Sports refer to the sporting events perceived to involve the highest risks that are normally associated with high speeds, higher levels of physical exertions, height and, in some cases, complex gears. The risk can lead to severe injuries or even death. Examples of these sports include Surfing, Skateboarding, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, Free Running, White Water Rafting, Paragliding and Base Jumping.


This is arguably the world’s leading extreme sport. It is a water sport that involves a test of dexterity and timing. The sport comes in different types which include kite surfing, wind surfing, short boarding, body boarding, large wave boarding and long boarding. Surfing dangers include harm from marine life, drowning, wave tides, leash tangles and crowds and newbies. When surfing, the thought of sharks, snakes, seals, stingrays, jellyfish and urchins can be really frightening. Conversely, it can be very infuriating to have surfboards as sporting equipment. This gear can slice anything that comes their way including the user.

Mountain Biking

This is an extreme sport that involves the riding of bicycles, mostly mountain bikes, on rough terrains. When you go mountain biking to pretty sure expect some falls. Riding on these rough terrains can have risks which may in turn lead to scrapes and bruises, broken collarbone, concussion, sprained or broken ankles and to more extreme ends paralysis or death. This however, should not put you off. Protective gear such as a helmet and glove come in handy here.

Bungee Jumping

The sport involves jumping from very high structures such as bridges, buildings or cranes at the same time connected to a large elastic string. Though not so much of skills are needed to participate in this sport, the risks can be dire. The cord can detach from the fixed point or, in rare circumstances, the piece of elastic string break. The result can be severe injuries or worse, death. It should however be understood that it is almost entirely not possible to get rid of injury or death chances in any sport.

White Water Rafting

This is an exhilarating and exciting sporting event that involves rough flowing of water on an inflatable raft with paddles for control. The risks here involve huge rocks and turbulent waves. Additionally, some waters can be frigid leading to hypothermia, a condition that may affect your heart rate beats, breathing system and increased blood pressure. It occurs when the internal temperature of your body is below 35°C. A suitable precaution for this is use of proper protective attire.


Paragliding is an extreme sport where the steer sits in a harness balanced beneath a void material wing that has a shape that is created by its suspension lines. The force of air toward the inside gives entry into the front of the wing and the aerodynamic forces of the air flowing over the outside.

It has been thought that paragliding can be as secure or as dangerous as the pilot can make it. There is some element of truth in this because first, pilots are solely involved in choosing the conditions to fly in and secondly, they decide how far to extend their piloting proficiency.

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