The Five Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Anybody you know that takes part in any sort of reasonably dangerous sport will most likely inform you that it is ‘the most dangerous sport in the world’. However, in many cases such claims are far from justified and there are a fistful of sports or pastimes that would leave them for dead – literally. So, let’s look at some of the most dangerous sports in the world.

Cave Diving

The whole idea of cave diving is a pretty risky one. You simply scuba dive to the bottom of an uncharted underwater cave, while on a time limit for air and with no place to go up to breathe. You also risk getting the bends and do so in freezing cold water – this is cave diving. The sport has had over 500 deaths in its 50 years, and with not that many partakers, that’s a lot. The governing body of cave diving deems success as a cave diver is one you return from – which speaks volumes about this sport.

Base Jumping

If jumping off a high object with the aim of getting as close to the ground as possible before pulling a parachute may seem a little crazy to you, then base jumping may not be your sport. People involved in this sport are a little loopy, and documenting their feats is a must for them. You can often see their exploits on video sites such as YouTube in video which has been captured using helmet cams. Losers die in this sport or at the best break numerous bones. Winners land safely to base jump again one day, and the adrenaline buzz will ensure they return.

English: BASE Jump from an Antenna

English: BASE Jump from an Antenna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Climb Everest

People have only reached the summit in the 20th century and it’s easy to understand why. Only five out of six people come back from a climb up the mountain – that’s lower than the same success rate for going into outer space. Add to this the fact that you have to walk past dead bodies to get there and the constant threats from hypothermia, frostbite, pneumonia and hypoxia as well as from gravity and you see how dangerous it is. The UV radiation at the top is enough to burn the cornea of the eyes and around 180 or 1300 have died climbing to the summit.

Bike Racing

Biking is another sport for the adrenaline junkies and one with a 100 year history. The Isle of Man TT is one of the most infamous but has seen 220 deaths in its lifetime, all thanks to the trees, bumps and high speeds. It’s a crazy sport with a huge death toll. If you want a taste, you can travel to the Isle of Mann to spectate and you wouldn’t be alone, people flock there each year.


Did you know over 20,000 people are injured cheerleading each year? Well, it mightn’t seem dangerous but this sport is one of the most injuries prone of all and is a danger to the cheerleaders and those around them. Most injuries come from falls and drops and spinal problems and bone breakages are the most common issues. Puts the football going on behind in perspective right?

Guest post by L. Keen, a writer and extreme sports enthusiast, finding time to blog about her passions on behalf of Vision MX. Vision MX are a retailer of all things Motocross including Contour Helmet Cameras for capturing your best extreme sports moments.

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