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Extreme sports are, by definition, dangerous, which is the primary basis of their appeal to adrenaline junkies and extreme athletes. Activities like hang gliding, free climbing, snowboarding, parachuting, and bungee jumping imperil the life of the athlete engaged in them. Although the likelihood of an accident is small, the possibility of a fatal accident is still very real. For this reason, life insurers aren’t quite as enthusiastic as extreme athletes about these pastimes.

In fact, life insurance quotes for hazardous sports participants tend to be either very difficult to come by or prohibitively expensive. Life insurance quotes are based on the mortality risk of the policyholder. The more likely the policyholder is to die, the higher those life insurance quotes will be. It stands to reason, then, that life insurers would be interested in whether prospective policyholders engage in any extreme sports, also known as hazardous avocations.

Coverage for the Extreme Athlete

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When solicited for life insurance quotes for hazardous sports enthusiasts, carriers will ask a number of questions about the applicant’s hobbies, including extreme sports. Complete the application as candidly and accurately as you can, as any misrepresentation of your health or lifestyle may be cause to void the policy. Let the insurer know what hazardous sports you participate in, how often, and so on. That way, in the event you are killed while engaged in an extreme sport, your beneficiaries will still receive a death benefit.

Finding Affordable Quotes

Once an insurer knows about your hazardous avocations, one of two things will happen. First, you may be denied life insurance coverage altogether. Some carriers will not underwrite a policy for an extreme athlete, period. Alternatively, the insurer may still offer you coverage but will charge you substantially higher rates than the average policyholder. To find more affordable life insurance quotes for hazardous sports participants, try shopping around for life insurance. Solicit quotes from at least two or three life insurance providers before settling on a policy.

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